Who We Are

We are individuals who have a deep regard for the small business owners and entrepreneurs who are our clients. We understand that for them, nothing is more important than creating new clients and additional revenue. Everything we do at American Marketing & Publishing has one goal: create, sell and support effective local advertising solutions so our customers win more business.

That single-minded mission is a key to our success. Since our founding in 1997, we have grown to become the nation's largest publisher of community specific hometown telephone directories. We've also become one of the country's largest providers of commercial text marketing services to independent merchants, and we have developed multiple effective online and digital product offerings tailored specifically to the unique marketing needs of local businesses.


Strength and Growth

At both a corporate and an individual, personal level, growth is a foundational part of our culture here. We are passionate to win for and with our customers, to outthink and then outwork our competitors, to grow personally and professionally, and to deliver great value and great results for our clients.

at a glance

Leadership Team

Abe Andrzejewski

Abe Andrzejewski

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Abe got an early start in the publishing business when he launched a series of paid-purchase coupon books as an undergraduate student and then began publishing one-town telephone books for small towns in rural Illinois, where he grew up. That small business continued to grow through graduate school, and eventually scaled to produce student and faculty directories for prominent MBA programs and law schools, including Stanford, Harvard, and Columbia.

Convinced of the extraordinary opportunities pent up in publishing community-focused telephone directories, Abe published the first HomePages® Directory in 1997. In the 20 years since then, Abe has been closely involved in the development of an innovative and effective set of products that serve family owned businesses well, including CloseBy® Text Marketing and OPTIMA™ Visibility & Reputation Management Services. He is passionately committed to practical organizational innovation and employee development. Abe is a regular attendee and presenter at the company’s all-voluntary Saturday Leadership Development Program.

Abe is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and Harvard Law School and a member of the Young PresidentsOrganization. In his spare time he is an avid freshwater fisherman.

Karen Bourdage

Karen Bourdage

Chief Operating Officer

Karen Bourdage is AMP’s Chief Operating Officer. She joined the HomePages® team in September 2006, following five years of executive leadership roles in the newspaper publishing industry. As the Corporate Controller for a publicly held newspaper company, Karen was responsible for all aspects of financial reporting including Sarbanes Oxley compliance, human resources functions, and operational management. During her tenure with the newspaper, she oversaw the acquisition of another newspaper, assisted with implementing financial policies that grew revenues without compromising the financial integrity of the business, and managed the bottom line to budget.

Karen oversees the finance, human resources, customer service and IT functions of American Marketing & Publishing. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois, with a Bachelor’s in Accountancy. In her spare time, Karen enjoys spending time with her family, often in the role of an avid “soccer mom” to two daughters.

Brenda Luhtala

Brenda Luhtala

Vice President of Operations

Brenda joined American Marketing & Publishing in 2002 as our Business Operations Manager, and moved into the role of Director of Operations in 2008. Brenda became Operations Vice President at the end of 2010, wherein she oversees purchasing, scheduling, logistics, and production.

Prior to joining AMP, Brenda had a successful international sales career in the plastics/machinery industry. Brenda earned a B.A. in Political Science/Public Administration from Northern Illinois University. She was a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, and the International Student Exchange program studying throughout Europe and Asia.

Bob Morvay

Bob Morvay

Chief Technology Officer

Bob joined American Marketing & Publishing in 2011, eager to impact the organization at a variety of levels, something not possible in the leadership positions he held at larger corporations due to departmental segmentation. He was immediately drawn to the strong entrepreneurial passion and digital vision shared by members of the leadership team and the exceptional track record of our field sales force.

Throughout his 25+ year career, Bob worked in a variety of IT and Senior Management capacities, including running his own start-up technology company and leading the software and mobile development efforts at a Fortune 1000 company.

Bob is a family man and thoroughly enjoys spending his free time with his wife and three kids. As a motorcycle enthusiast, Bob enjoys riding his cruiser to work during the summer months. Bob graduated Cum Laude from Northern Illinois University with a BS in Computer Science.

Chad Campbell

Chad Campbell

Chief Revenue Officer

Chad joined the HomePages® team as the VP of Sales - Illinois in 2009, bringing with him over nine years of experience in the media business at Dex. He started at Dex not long after graduating from college spending 3.5 years at the very top of the individual sales rankings, 3.5 years leading top performing sales teams as a District Sales Manager and was then promoted to become the youngest Division Sales Manager in the 100 year history of that company.

Since joining American Marketing & Publishing Chad has consistently taken on more responsibility growing from the VP of Sales of Illinois to EVP of Sales and now Chief Revenue Officer overseeing all of sales, recruiting and training.

The 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 District Managers of the Year reported directly to Chad while he held the positionof VP of Sales and Senior VP of Sales.

Chad’s entire professional career has been focused on helping small to medium sized businesses make smart investments in their growth through local print and digital advertising solutions. His passion for helping businesses is only surpassed by his love for developing leaders. He graduated from Eastern Illinois University (Magna Cum Laude) in 2000 with his degree in History and minors in Business Administration and Pre-Law. Chad and his wife are keptexceptionally busy beyond just work and always entertained with two small boys at home.

Sales is a part of life! We all know how to sell, it’s instinctual and simple self-preservation to work toward getting what we want. The way to make sales a career is to find something that you believe in and perceive to be of benefit to the person that you would sell to and then to use your natural sales skills (plus what a good company will teach you) to inspire others to listen and then take action. The solutions that we sell at AMP influence’s business sustenance and growth! Small business owners are generally great people who have invested in themselves and we can help play an important role in making sure their nearby neighbor knows about their business and why they should choose that business when a need arises.

We have unlimited opportunity in sales and leadership at AMP. These paths are careers. Fun and controllable! We are immenselyproud that every year hard-working talented performers are promoted to further increase their influence in the business and are inspired to reach new personal highs in performance and subsequently in their personal earnings. We have consistently grown, year-after-year, since inception yet see our very best days and biggest time of growth still down the road.

Steve Ruckdaschel

Steve Ruckdaschel

Vice President Sales West

Prior to coming to the HomePages® in 2008, Steve spent 18 years in the directory publishing industry with Polk Directories. Steve began at Polk at the ground floor, working his way through sales and field management to the corporate office level, and eventually to Regional Vice President of Sales, where for a period of 11 years Steve ran a region spanning eight Midwestern states.

At the HomePages®, Steve is regarded as one of the top developers of high performance sellers, managers and sales teams in our business. Steve was District Manager of the Year in 2009 and has been a Vice President, overseeing markets in seven states, since the end of 2010. Steve was raised in a small rural community of northeast Iowa and was a Communications major at the University of Iowa, with a minor in broadcasting. Steve likes to spend his time away from work reading business magazines, writing, watching college sports, traveling, and spending time with his sons Gregory and Ryan.

Melinda Huza

Melinda Huza

Vice President Sales North

Melinda joined American Marketing & Publishing immediately upon graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2005. She started as an entry level sales representative in a market where the company had never previously published directories, and consistently outperformed budgeted objectives in a series of sales roles of increasing responsibility, becoming first a Senior Sales Rep, Field Trainer, and then District Manager.

Melinda’s consistency in driving large year over year directory revenue increases led to her winning District Manager of the year in 2011 and a promotion to VP of Sales for our North Region.

Away from the office, Melinda enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 children. She is part of a funloving, large extended family from southern Wisconsin who never runs out of reasons to get together. She loves sports as a spectator or an active participant and is a proud University of Wisconsin alumna and enjoys attending University events, especially basketball and football games. On Wisconsin!

“As a wife and mother my personal life has changed as dramatically since 2005 as my professional life has, and I have a routine and schedule that I stick to so that I can maintain a healthy balance.

Brian Franczak

Brian Franczak

Vice President Sales Central

Brian joined the HomePages® team in 2007 with limited professional sales experience, but was promoted into positions of increasing responsibility based on strong results and personal leadership. Brian started as an entry level sales representative, where he quickly distinguished himself as a strong and consistent member of the team. Then, he won a promotion to Senior Sales Rep role. He eventually became the District Manager for Northwest Indiana growing the market east into South Bend and opening the organization into Michigan. The aggressive growth, hiring and developing some great talent helped propel Brian to a Regional Manager at the end of 2011. With the Regional Manager role, Brian developed a an award winning District Manager for the Northwest Indiana market and moved his attention to oversee Illinois operations as Vice President of Sales for the last several years.

Brian graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, a minor in Marketing, while traveled internationally playing soccer. Outside work, Brian spends all his time with his beautiful wife, daughter Olivia and son Max. A majority of that time is dedicated to coaching his kids soccer teams. Brian is also an advocate of a healthy lifestyle in which he runs early mornings and exercises at the gym in late evenings. Brian does find time to relax as he and his family spend two to three weeks a year traveling.

"During my decade here with the AMP family, I couldn't imagine growing with any other organization especially the growth I've seen in myself and a firm. AMP is as family knit as any corporation I've ever seen. The culture is encapsulating and I'm blessed to be around some of the most talented, sharpest and relentlessly tough professionals.
What I've learned from AMP, is hard to express in a quite write up because there's so much. We learn to be better versions of ourselves here, hold ourselves to the highest accountability and never flail in our disciplines and routines, thus I and we as an organization keep thriving with success." Brian