OPTIMA™ Professional Claiming

We professionally claim your listings for you. Then we coordinate the data verification and content authorization process that each site requires, with you and for you, on up to eight top sites. Click the images below to view sample claiming postcards.

Google Local Claiming
Bing Claiming
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OPTIMA™ Visibility Results

Being easily found online when a consumer searches for your business - or for a business like yours - is often the difference between growing your company and losing market share to your competitors. At American Marketing & Publishing, we work closely with our clients to manage the fundamental components of a strong online presence. We follow the established guidelines and protocols to set up your official business profiles at the most influential search destinations on the internet, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, and CitySearch.

We are experts at making independent businesses more visible online. OPTIMA™ Services are inexpensive, and we make developing a strong online presence a hassle free process for business owners who already have a more-than-full time job. The results are powerful, long lasting, and can generate hundreds of additional customers.


OPTIMA™ Results

Competitive Yard Worx
Empower Body & Brain
Laminate-Pottenger Electric Company

OPTIMA™ Reputation Management Best Practices

Managing your public image and reputation in an increasingly digital world is critically important. From working with thousands of other independent business owners across hundreds of industries, we can offer you some great advice about how to begin to generate positive buzz and positive reviews online.

1. Be certain that you own your share of the online review ecosystem. Most legitimate public review sites, including Google+ and Yelp, have established guidelines and policies that allow merchants to “claim their listing” on the site. Our OPTIMA customers regularly engage us to submit their important business information such as their years in business, their business biographical information, services, brands and photographs to the major review sites. By having our firm coordinate the claiming of your listings, and by having us professionally submit your key business data and photographs to review sites online, you are both putting your most professional foot forward and making yourself more likely to be found by anyone wanting to share a positive experience they’ve had with you.

2. Be wary of offering incentives. It’s considered bad form to “pay” people for reviews – with cash, discounts, freebies or in any other way – and we strongly advise against it. Legitimate reviews by real customers are priceless, but attempting to game the system by trading any sort of incentive for a positive review is very risky. You may turn off some good customers that way. And more importantly, top review sites such as Yelp and Google+ are wise to such tactics and forbid them. If they notice a huge number of glowing, exclusively positive reviews or catch wind of the fact you’re trading something of value for reviews, they may filter or suppress your positive reviews for months or years to come. There’s a difference between inviting people to review you, which is perfectly ok, and soliciting positive reviews, which is not.

3. Invite customers to review you. Let clients know you’d really appreciate their feedback in the form of an online review, and let them know where to leave it. Do you have regular, repeat customers who you’ve gotten to know over the years? Are there clients you’ve done an exceptionally good job for? Have you solved a problem for someone, saved them money, or simply done great work? The very best time to invite a customer to take just a minute or two to leave you a positive review online is when you know you’ve delivered great service. Our OPTIMA reputation management program comes with custom-typeset cards to pass out – they include your logo and business name, and also include places online where they can leave a review. The card gives you something tangible and professional to hand to people who you are inviting to review you.

4. Be available to speak with anyone who has had a less than positive experience. Every business drops the ball a time or two. To the extent that a negative review is harmful and can be read by thousands of customers, it’s wise to let a disgruntled customer contact you personally instead of putting their unhappiness online. As a part of our OPTIMA reputation management services, we encourage you to put your personal name and telephone number on any material that invites a public review, so that individuals will feel comfortable telling you personally if they have a negative experience, rather than telling the whole world. When you know, you can do something about it. When the feedback is public, you might be able to do something about the problem, but the harm at that point is amplified.

5. Engage your staff. Get your whole team excited about building and managing a great reputation. In many cases, your front office employees, technicians, or service personnel are truly the face of your business. They will take pride in the positive reviews written about your company. Tell your team that you want to take the great reputation your business has in the real world and start to transfer that online. Ask for their help. As a part of our OPTIMA services, we continually monitor leading review sites and we alert you to all new reviews written about your business. When a review is positive, you can send it around with special congratulations to your employees, to your Facebook fans, or other people who can take pride with you in a job well done.

6. Get expert advice and assistance. With a business to run, customers to serve, employees to direct, and a thousand important decisions a day to make, it makes sense to seek expert help in managing your reputation. Because our company serves thousands of independent merchants and has been in business since 1997 with family owned businesses as our primary client focus, we can give practical time saving advice, provide simple technological solutions, and we can do for you a great deal of the work required to professionally manage your online reputation. Serving the marketing and advertising needs of our clients is all we do; it’s our business to help your business. In working with American Marketing & Publishing, you benefit from the shared learnings of thousands of independent business owners, who are facing many of the same challenges and opportunities as you in building growing, thriving businesses.