Homepages Directory Features

Each HomePages directory is built to proudly represent the community it serves and the local business advertisers. The front of the directory (showing it) features a recognizable local landmark or downtown photograph, and you can see from the size (demonstrating) that this isn’t a typical cumbersome directory. Our books exclusively list the families and the local businesses for one particular community. They’re handy, and people like them because you can find the type of business you’re looking for, and you know that it’s a nearby business from your town.

After the family white pages, we have a comprehensive community information section that lists all the frequently called, hard to find numbers – the schools, churches, town hall, the park district, library, and the local utility companies. In the back, we include a full color community map, and the last section of the directory is the community yellow pages. Our rates are typically ten times lower than the ad rates charged by our big-book competitors.

You can’t see it on the book itself, but we consider our method of distribution to be a part of our product features! We provide the US Post Office with a directory for every family and business in town, and they’re delivered by a uniformed postal carrier. Merchants who buy from us report a steady stream of consistent calls starting the same day the directories are delivered and lasting in some cases for years afterward.


Homepages Directory Testimonials

Aflac Insurance
I received new customers/accounts from my very first ad in the HomePages! I was very surprised that the first week it went out, my phone was actually ringing! It is a very nice little convenient directory to carry in my vehicle when I heed to look up a website address! Our little communities are thankful to not have to pay the huge cost to just be in the larger books. We LOVE our HomePages!
- Mr. Ronald Dietl from Aflac Insurance
Pro Platinum in North Liberty, IA
We continue to advertise in the HomePages because it provides targeted, quality advertising at an affordable price. In speak with our representative this year, we decided to expand our marketing from 1 community to four communities after seeing our competition (or lack thereof) in the surrounding communities. It made a lot of sense to make ourselves know in those communities for a great price. We appreciate the value of the HomePages and the hard work of your employs.
- Damond Drake from Pro Platinum in North Liberty, IA
AAA Overhead Garage Door
AAA Overhead Door has been in business over 50 years and we’ve been advertising in the HomePages directories since 2006 when we were first approached by a representative! Over the years, we’ve increased our coverage so that we’re now in 9 community directories – all of which are areas we like to concentrate our business. The books allow us to target the residents and businesses exactly where we want to do business, which cuts down on driving time and unnecessary expenses. In our business, we get a lot of emergency calls and keeping our advertising local allows us to respond quickly. Since we live and work in the area, we know, that even after 50 years, that the HomePages are referred by our customers. The ease of renewal, even when we change our ads, is no hassle. We can’t complain about the price either. Advertising full pages elsewhere isn’t cost effective. Our families use the HomePages to find local numbers as well. It’s much quicker to open the book and find what you’re looking for.
- Jeff McArdle of AAA Overhead Garage Door
The Warrenville VFW
We first want to say think you to the wonderful rep who spoke with me today to tell me about the similar organizations who are advertising and bringing with her samples of those ads so that we could make a better decision on how to layout our ad. Our primary problem is letting the community know that we have a banquet room, as well as an outdoor pavilion available for rental. The VFW has been around for 50 years and people outside our members aren’t aware that we have these two beautiful areas for them to use for all their events at a very low rental fee. Speaking of low fees, the cost of a full page advertisement in our local HomePages is just economical. For a full year, whenever any business, non-for-profit organization, family, ect. needs space to host their special occasion they will know that we have just the space for them. We were able to put all our important information in the ad and, because it was a full page, we received a complimentary logo listing in the white pages, which we really like. Warrenville is a small town with not as many amenities as surrounding communities. Finding just the right medium to broadcast what we have to offer, outside membership, is difficult. It made perfect sense to us to be a part of the community HomePages, to remind everyone that we are here, to remind our members that we are a special part of the community, and to share our heritage with everyone.
- The Warrenville VFW

Ad Specs & Design Tips

Homepages Ad Specs & Design Tips


  • Company Logo
  • Business Name
  • Phone, Address
  • Payment Types, Hours
  • Web Address
  • Include City Name
  • Primary Service/Benefit
  • Year Started & Years of Service (Since 1985 - 25 Years)
  • Add a Photo. The Highest Trust Factor is the Photo of the Business Owner
  • List Services You Provide Starting with Your Most Popular Service
  • Include Information that Sets You Apart from Your Competition, Make Yourself Unique
  • Include Specific Details: Brands, Insurance Companies, Specialized Equipment, Certification, Testimonials, Associations, BBB
  • Target Your Dream Clients
  • List Your High Margin Services
  • Be Detailed & Specific


Ad Copy Graphics:

Digital Photos, Logos and Graphics with an Image Resolution of 300 dpi is preferred to ensure the highest quality printing.

Accepted File Formats:
  • EPS - Encapsulated Postscript
  • PDF - Portable Document Format
  • TIF - Tagged Information File Format
  • JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • AI - Adobe Illustrator Document
  • PSD - Adobe Photoshop Document


Camera-Ready Ads

Image Resolution of 300 dpi is preferred to ensure the highest quality printing.
Black and White artwork should be saved in Greyscale color mode.
Color Artwork should be saved in CMYK color mode.
Accepted File Formats:
Ads may not include cut-out coupons, however if you would like to include a special offer, you may do so.
For Example:
"Mention This HomePages® Ad to Receive 10% off." The offer should not ask the customer to tear out a page or cut out a section of the page to redeem an offer.
  • EPS
  • PDF
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • TIF

Please e-mail Ad Copy and/or Camera-Ready Ads to: adcopy@ampcorporate.com
(Attachments should be no larger than 10MB)

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