CloseBy Text Marketing

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is Different. It's Immediate, and it's Personal.

Have you ever wished that you could flip a switch or turn a dial and bring in a flood of profitable customers? With text, you can. Nobody fails to read the messages on their cell phones.

CloseBy™ Text Marketing provides an instant and highly personal connection between your business and your customers to share urgent information, offer a flash deal to build a big crowd, send out an afternoon special, or promote a seasonal offer that rings up sales during an otherwise slow time.

CloseBy™ Text Marketing has been described by one of our clients as like having a private broadcast channel to the customers who want to hear from you.

If there can be such a thing as word of mouth marketing on demand, this is it.


Four Ways to Profit from CloseBy™ Text Marketing

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Move Unsold Inventory

CloseBy™ Text empowers you to sell two types of inventory.
  • Unsold or Expiring Inventory - When you need to move product, text gets the word out.
  • Exciting, Inspiring, or Newly Arrived Inventory - CloseBy™ Text lets you promote products that get your customers excited and motivated

Drive Business on Slow Days

The immediacy of putting an offer or a message on the screen of a customer's phone allows you to drive revenue in response to real-time market conditions. Empty bays, booths, tables or schedules? CloseBy™ Text changes the dynamic of your business in real time.
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Madison City Limit

Send Important Information

Urgent time sensitive messages are perfect for text messaging because the message gets delivered and read instantly. When someone needs to know, your CloseBy™ Text Marketing gets the message delivered!

Enhance Customer Connectivity and Warm Referrals

  • CloseBy™ Text marketing is entirely permission based. Only customers who want to hear from you will receive your messages.
  • Messages can be forwarded from existing customers to new customers, creating a very personal and powerful referral network.
Piggly Wiggly

Cheeseburger Bobby’s
Text Marketing has really given us the ability to reach out and touch our core base of customers. If we need to drum up business on a slow or rainy day we can communicate more freely with our customers to bring in business more efficiently than any other type of advertising. On those slow days Text Marketing makes is so easy to initiate a fast response and bring in the business we need. Our customers love the program because they don't have to keep up on paper coupons or try to manage it themselves. Text makes it super easy for them and it goes straight to their cell phones which they constantly have on them. We love everything about the program.
- Michael Eaton, Owner, Cheeseburger Bobby’s, Norcross, GA
Cornerstone Learning Center
If you need to get out information direct and quick, text is the way to go. We recently experienced several snow days and even a power outage that we needed to be able to connect with parents about fast. We had some parents that had already dropped off their children when we were made aware that our heat would not turn on. We immediately sent out a text and a majority of the children were picked up within the hour! The parents that were not on the text club and missed the announcement, quickly joined! It's not like TV where they have to sit and wait for a closure update, this goes straight their phone! We even had an 'orange event' for the Washington Tornado that came through and we were in 'aw' to see how many people not only read the text but had worn orange in support! Text is a powerful tool! We have our materials out but we also talk about it to every new sign up we have. We explain to them why they want to be on it and walk them through on how to sign up if they would like. It truly has been a great way to get across information quickly and effectively.
- Sue Gillespie, Manager, Cornerstone Learning Center, Washington, IL
This is hands down the best marketing tool we have ever tried. It without a doubt directly impacts sales and is a very easy way to get customers in the door and generate business. We're very exclusive about the messages we send, and only send 2-3 per month so they're very special and aren't promoted anywhere else. We've built out list up by using our 15% off opt-in offer as a sales tool, and when we help customers, we let everyone know that if they join they'll get the discount. Only three months into the program we already have 350 people on our list! It has already paid for itself several times over and we still have 9 months left with it this year. We're extremely happy with the results and sales it has produced and can't imagine going without it!
- Stephanie Henning, Owner, Modish, Decorah, IA
The Bronze Salon
This is my second go around at text marketing; I had text marketing for my salon about 5 years ago with another company. I loved the concept but everything had a cap and there were a lot of things I could not do. CloseBy® pitched the idea to me back in September of 2013 and I signed up--I loved that EVERYTHING was unlimited and that I would also work with a text specialist who can help me along the way! I have been a small business owner for over 20 years and social media is the way of the future! I feel that Text Marketing is the BEST and ONLY way to talk to your customers and get them in the door more often and when you want them to come in! I feel this is an asset to ANY business but especially for a Small Business! This is the ONLY form of advertising I will keep doing because I ALWAYS get a response! The ONLY reason I do print ANYWHERE is to advertise my VIP text code for my business! Facebook is great and so is email but typically I ONLY see about a 10% response to whatever I put out there. This text program along with a dedicated Text Specialist is the salvation for ANY company and I would recommend it to ANYONE! In all of my 20 plus years of being a business owner signing up for this text program has been the best decision I have EVER made!
- George Hauser II, Owner, The Bronze Salon, Centerville, OH
Niemann Foods
We LOVE the text program allows us to connect with our customers instantaneously…now, not later. In a culture of immediate gratification, this is a vital tool. Have a special offer? Text it! Hosting a special event? Text it! Audiences will respond! It has opened another channel for us to reach our customers. In just two months, we’ve increased our texting subscribers by 33% and developed a future-forward brand message paired with social media. Looking at printed coupons vs. text, there is no comparison when it comes to coupon redemption! With paper coupons, you’re hoping for a 3-5% redemption rate. But with our texting program, digital coupons are redeemed at 10, 20 sometimes 30%! The CloseBy® program is very easy and straightforward to use!
- Nathanial Jones, Marketing Manager, Niemann Foods, Quincy IL
Greg’s All Natural Prime Meats
This program is the marketing tool that I've been looking for for ages, and I've been in business for 35 years. We've had so much success with this program that we've been able to cut out most of our other advertising and plan on using this for a very long time. It's easy, I'm in total control, and can send what I want to send when I want to send it. I sell a very volatile commodity that can't exactly sit on the shelf for a long time and this is the ONLY instant form of marketing out there that works. I used to do a lot of direct mail and newspaper ads, but you're talking about waiting 8-10 weeks before those ads hit the community, that just doesn't make sense. You have to be really careful with social media too, it helps but anyone can see it and I want my customers to know that they're special to me, these are my loyal customers. My specialist is an enormous help too, she's smart and articulate, you can tell she loves her job and is interested in me and my business, not just someone who answers the phone and sends messages out. I'm an old school guy who doesn't text and doesn't have time to fiddle around with this and she has made this program very easy to use and very effective for me. We just sent a message about ribeyes I had left over from Christmas that were frozen, we needed to move them quickly after we had a slow Monday so offered them at a discount. The response kicked our butts, we had 50 individuals redeem it, one guy purchased 20 of them; several people spent well over $100 each because they purchased additional items. What I'm most happy about is my customers were excited about it, and went out of their way to come in- that is worth more in the long run to me than the very profitable day that we had because of it. I'm extremely happy, won't go without this program, and have recommended it to every business owner I know.
- Greg Jardine, Owner, Greg’s All Natural Prime Meats, Springboro OH

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