Perspectives from the Sales Team

At both a corporate and an individual, personal level, growth is a foundational part of our culture here. We are passionate to win for and with our customers, to outthink and then outwork our competitors, to grow personally and professionally, and to deliver great value and great results for our clients.

Julie Byars

Julie Byars

Senior Sales Representative Eastern Iowa District

Julie joined American Marketing and Publishing in 2009 after a short stint as a sales rep for a security company, but prior to that a longer career as a salesperson in the auto industry. Being in the car industry was tough, really long hours, no base salary, no paid time off or holidays.

Julie started out as a First In rep, and quickly earned a closer role. Shortly into her career she was a leader in text sales and was promoted to a text lead for her region. After her first year with AMP she was making more money than she ever had previously.

“The benefits that AMP offers are amazing with more paid holidays than I ever had. When I started here no one had heard of the HomePages® in Iowa, it was a completely new market for the company. I was able to start these new communities and got to create the directories from the ground up!

I am a single mother of two girls and this career has afforded me the ability to take my daughter to Jamaica for her graduation gift, as well as help her in college. I was also able to have my younger daughter in private school. I have earned the company trip every single year simply by working hard! I love my AMP family and it’s so amazing that even the CEO is very down to earth and approachable. We believe in teamwork and helping our small business owners. Most of all I like that our company is a leader in the industry with the newest technologies. AMP has a product to offer every small business to help them get more customers.

Allison Ensley

Allison Ensley

District Manager Peorialand

Allison started with AMP in December 2014, and hasn’t looked back. In just six months with AMP, she became the Assistant District Manager, and is now the District Manager of Peorialand.

After being in the dental field for over 15 years, I decided I needed to find a career that could satisfy my urge to grow and my need for 'something more.' Selling gum treatment, crowns and bridges was all I ever knew, but I was determined to find what I was looking for, even though I didn’t know exactly what that was. After researching AMP, I decided to interview. I was immediately intrigued by vision of the company, and all of the growth possibilities. My ears were singing when I started hearing things like “we only promote from within," and "we promote based on performance, not tenure." I knew this was a company I could grow, and grow quickly.

The level of support in this company is second to none. From the very beginning, I could reach out to my District Manager or Vice President any time I needed. Without them, I would not have been able to get where I wanted to go. They teach you good habits and routines from day one, and start preparing you for wherever it is you want to go. It has been so rewarding and inspiring to work beside such hard-working, motivated and intelligent people who genuinely care about my well-being. I’m truly blessed to have finally found my 'career home!'

Jaclyn Jones

Jaclyn Jones

Assistant District Manager, Closer of the Year, 2015, Team Southern Indiana

Jaclyn joined American Marketing & Publishing in January 2014 after a career at Leffett & Plat, where she was an Assistant Human Resource Manager. Jaclyn worked there for 3 years and soon decided that she had to take a leap of faith and start a better career after moving to Indiana from Kentucky. That’s when she found us, and the rest is history!

Every year Jaclyn has been here, she has improved her performance (and her earnings), where she capped out at $38,000 in her previous career. Jaclyn earned her first promotion in April, 2014 and was again promoted in August 2014, this time to an ADM. Jaclyn was awarded the Closer of the Year award in 2015 and earned the Leadership Summit trip to Jamaica! She won the company’s most prestigious honor, Leadership Summit, again in 2016 taking a trip to Punta Cana as her prize. Jaclyn has a contagious attitude and is the definition of working for her why-her three sons… Parker, Ryder and Gunner!

There is a fire that sparks inside me every day to help, and with our career we get to help our customers gain new and keep existing customers every day. Most of our customers are small business owners and homebased without websites or even business cards but have a ton of small hometown pride where everyone knows everyone. When we can help them keep calls coming in and customers walking through the door it is an absolute thrill for me to hear the feedback from them on why our HomePages® directories truly helped them receive the call and why they love our products over another competitor. I like setting goals and working toward something knowing I’ll be rewarded and as long as I strive to meet those goals. Then AMP rewards my customers, the hometowns we serve, my family and myself. You can’t go wrong if you are willing to work hard and want your towns to strive! A simple concept for big dreams is magical when you see the results month after month and year after year! Thank for AMP!

Kevin Norton

Kevin Norton

Assistant District Manager, Southwest Chicago

Kevin’s background has been in information Technology for the past 10 years, he had never done sales before AMP. Upon joining AMP he led his region in sales for several months, won the Leadership Summit award, and won the 2015 Rookie of the Year award. Kevin was promoted to a Senior Sales rep after 2 months and to Assistant District Manager after 5 months. Not too shabby for a guy who was completely out of his element and constantly uncomfortable in the sales field. He followed his 2015 by finishing 2016 as the #2 rep in the company and compiling multiple honors including ADM of the Year – awarded as the top field trainer in the company!

I get asked by customers and strangers, from time to time, if I like my job. My answer is I LOVE IT, I truly believe that we have honorable jobs. To understand that you have to see beyond just the sale and see what our sales do for the people we sell to. We do not sell products that business owners don’t need, we help family owned businesses sustain and grown their respective businesses and thus earn more money so they can take their families on a vacation. We help them grow enough so they can hire one more employee so the owner can take time to coach his kids Little League team. Just knowing that what I do makes a difference to people is extremely rewarding.

Miranda  O’Laughlin

Miranda O’Laughlin

North Region, Wisconsin Assistant District Manager- North Region Rep of the Year 2015

Before AMP, Miranda was involved in a number of roles in the food/beverage industry but due to her husband’s promotion with his company, they moved from Tennessee to Wisconsin which is when she decided to try something new. Miranda found AMP after relocating in 2015.

Miranda started 2015 as a First In rep and was quickly promoted to a Closer in June of the same year. Miranda was then promoted to an Assistant District Manager in February 2016. She then started field training in January 2017 right before she was promoted in March to her current position of Digital Market Manager for the Florida region.

“Working for AMP has made a HUGE impact in my life both financially and personally. In my first year with the company, I made more money than I had ever made with any other company I worked for prior. It feels SO good to get paid well for the hard work I put in to making my customers and communities successful.

Not only has AMP helped me financially, but my teammates and the training team have truly taught me everything I now know about sales which has helped me tremendously with my people skills. I used to be a pretty shy person but now have grown into someone who can go up to anyone, anywhere and confidently show them how our products will help their business grow. When I told AMP I was moving to Florida, they moved with me and promoted me empowering me to help build and start our work in my new home state!

Chelsie Sonnemann

Chelsie Sonnemann

Assistant District Manager Iowa Central

Chelsie joined AMP only 15 months after graduation from Northern Iowa University-- where she earned degrees in both Textile Merchandising and Business Marketing/Advertising. Additionally, Chelsie was a cheerleader at UNI.

In less than one year at AMP, she was promoted to Assistant District Manager. Chelsie now lives in Clear Lake, IA, where she successfully closed that market with a record high 10 new businesses in a single week. Because of her enormous early career success, Chelsie made an upgrade in cars by buying a new one only six months after beginning at AMP, and now saving to buy a boat very soon. Chelsie thoroughly enjoys also being part of the AMP Observation team by taking perspective candidates with her for a day on a job shadow. She has also assisted in training a new hire class in our corporate office for a week and overall, is passionate about helping her teammates grow through her actions and inspired wisdom already gained in our business.

I love AMP for 3 main reasons: the support structure AMP has is unbelievable; our hard work does not go unnoticed with the constant recognition and instant incentives/rewards; lastly the constant growth opportunities AMP offers, I am always learning & growing in my professional and personal life. I love my job because every day is different! It keeps me on my toes and always moving. Never a dull moment here! Also, it is so rewarding hearing back from customers how we have helped their business in one way or another; there’s no better feeling than that!

Shann Uran

Shann Uran

Assistant District Sales Manager Milwaukee - Closer of the Year 2013 5 yrs with AMP

Shann began searching for a job after being a stay at home mom with her two kids for 4 ½ years. She had a successful career in mortgage and wireless sales, but after her son was born her husband and herself decided that she should stay home. When her daughter was entering kindergarten her husband decided he wanted to finish his degree in graphic design, they flipped flopped roles so he could go back to school. That is when Shann found AMP.

Over the last few years I have been able to be an engaged, happy mom and work for a company that makes it all worth it. The products, people, support, and conversations that I have on a daily basis are indescribable! In a way, I think it makes me a better mom to be happy in my career and with myself. Also, I have been able to support my family financially. The sky is the limit for the path that you choose here are AMP, and mine has only been upward! My husband has since graduated and my kids continue to grow.

Luke Wasowski

Luke Wasowski

SE Chicago District Sales Manager

I decided to join AMP because of the unlimited opportunity the company provides. I wanted a place I could earn well and grow. American Marketing & Publishing is a thriving organization and I knew I could control my destiny with hard work. I began my career right out of college with very little sales experience, so I also wanted structure and direction. The training program and consistent development made my path to success possible. AMP has a proven recipe for success- all I had to do was commit to it!

I love the family environment and structure that AMP provides. Everyday provides a different, new experience- I am never bored! This is a rewarding career where you can have fun helping local businesses. There is a lot of diversity within our organization, but one thing that everybody has in common is a burning desire to win!

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